The simple and convenient payment-method for your shop

The simple and convenient payment-method for your shop

eps makes your shop multi-bank-compatible!
You want to offer your customers a secure and easy-to-use possibility to pay at your web-shop?
The payment-method "eps" enables the guaranteed processing of payments for all products and services you offer within your web-shop. And this works for the Austrian as well as for the German online-shopping-market. Without major technical effort your customers are able to pay at your web-shop using eps and you instantly receive a payment-confirmation.

What is eps?
eps is the simple and secure online-payment-method for purchases within the internet via online-banking.

How you benefit from eps:
  • As a merchant you receive an instant payment-confirmation from the bank of your customer and do not need to wait for the actual credit entry on your account.
  • Using the unchangeable transfered payment-reference you are able to allocate the payment instantly and can therefore send the purchased products or enable a possible download.
  • eps includes a realtime payment-confirmation. After the payments are successfully verified by the bank they will be confirmed instantly and irrevocably processed.
  • By offering eps you will reach every internet-banking-user from banks that adhered to the eps-standard and therefore open your web-shop to a large amount of potential customers. Also eps is connected to the German online-payment-system "giropay". Thereby you will additionally reach all internet-banking-users of the German "Sparkassen", "Raiffeisenbanken", "Volksbanken" and the "Postbank".

Your benefits at a glance:
  • Huge amount of potential customers in Austria and Germany
  • Realtime payment-confirmation of the bank of the buyer
  • Enclosed payment-process
  • Highest security and data protection
  • No additional investments in hard- or software

How eps works for your customers:
Your customer chooses a product or service from your web-shop. By clicking the button for using the payment-method "eps" he will be redirected to the central bank-selection. After choosing his bank he will be connected to his online-banking where he approves the payment (using a TAN or digital signature). Immediately after that the amount will be transfered to your account and you as well as your customer receive an electronical confirmation.

How secure is eps?
eps uses SSL-encryption and MD5-fingerprint. The online-payment-screen of the customer is unchangeably pre-filled with all relevant payment-data (creditor, amount, remmitance-information), which is why errors and changes by the customer are impossible. Furthemore you are able to allocate purchase and payment.

Which requirements do I have to meet?
By implementing a technical interface your web-shop gets connected to the servers of the participating Austrian and German banks. Additional hardware implementation is not necessary. You only have to close a merchant-contract with your bank.

You will find all information regarding the technical implementation on the right side. See "eps-interface".