The easy, straightforward and secure verification of your personal data!

The easy, straightforward and secure verification of your personal data!

e-Identifikation is the basis for best quality of your personal data!
What is e-Identifikation?
e-Identifikation is the easy and secure online-service for your web-shop, that allows you to check if the personal data that you have of your customers is correct. This happens immediately and without media discontinuity.

What are the benefits of e-Identifikation?
Because e-Identifikation is multibankable and is based on the infrastructure of the online-bankinks of the banks there is a large market penetration. The real-time processing of the data-verification allows you to offer your services without delay. Furthermore no additional hardware installation is necessary and the costs are low.

How does e-Identifikation work?
A customer decides to purchase goods or services at your web-shop and therefore registers with his personal data. To verify if this information is correct he chooses "e-Identifikation" at your web-shop, picks his bank from a bank-selection page and is redirected to the online-banking of this bank where he logs in in his usual way. After he confirms that his data (first name, surname, date of birth, adress) is correct the result of the comparison is delivered to you with a bank-signature.

How secure is e-Identifikation?
The encryption of the entire communication is based on the highest standards. The confirmation of the personal data of the customer is ensured by the usage of the secure online-banking-systems of the banks. Mistakes or changes made by the customer are not possible so that you can rely on correct data.

What are the requirements for e-Identifikation?
You need to have a e-Identifikation-agreement with your bank and need to implement the technical e-Identifikation-interface into your web-shop to get access to the participating banks. No special hardware installation is needed.
You will find the information regarding the technical implementation on the right side "e-Identifikation interface".